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Vintage Guitar Show - 2nd of Nov. 2019 Exhibitor Info

Dear Vintage-Guitar Friends

Since 1985 we are organizing the Oldenburg Vintage Guitar Show and it is growing from year to year. We ask all exhibitors to make reservations for a booth until October 26th. Load-in time for exhibitors is Friday the 1st of November from 7- 11 pm and Saturday the 2nd of Nov. from 8 - 10 pm. The show is open to the public on Saturday 2nd from 10am - 6 pm. Building up and pulling down is not allowed while open to the public!

Please note that in Germany and the EU it is not allowed to trade or display any guitar with parts of brazilian rosewood without a CITES-certification. You may bring in this kind of guitars for a fee-based expertise from an official expert and we will help you with the application for the CITES-papers, but you may not show or trade this instruments on this years show unless you already bring the certification with you ! The authorities have advertised to monitor this and may confiscate guitars without a certification that are on display. Fore more infos about this subject see:

Entrance Fee

The entrance fee for visitors and additional attendant persons of the exhibitors is € 8.-
The pricelist for a exhibitor booth you can find here:

Please bring along guitar stands and decoration material by yourself. You can get electricity without extra charge but please tell us if you need it. The charge has to be paid when entering the exhibition rooms.


New Location!

Please note, that the show will this year take place in another location: Schulzentrum Alexanderstasse
Alexanderstrasse 90
26121 Oldenburg

Prices for the booths

Booth Type Tables Max.Git./Amps Tickets incl. 1 day
Mini 1 8 1 €35
Small 2 20 1 €60
Medium 3 30 2 €80
Large 5 45 3 €110
Maxi 7 65 4 €160

For every additional Git/Amp there will be a fee of € 3.-. Special prices for drum-exhibition on request.

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