Precision Bass [Objekt #2591] [Baujahr 1959]


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Verkauft Verkauft
Type: Bassgitarre
VR-Category: Basses > 4 string
Hersteller: FENDER     [Wikipedia]
Modell: Precision Bass
stripped body, otherwise mostly original, no case
Baujahr: 1959
Zustand: vg
Preis: Verkauft leider schon verkauft!
Colour: natural refinish
SerialNo: x
Made in: USA


This P-bass was made in mid 1959, the body date is 5/59, during the time when the transition from maple to Brazilian Roseswood fingerboards was occuring.
There is no neck date which is typical for 1959 production Fenders;
The pots date to 16the week of 1959, orig. pickup, new strap-pins.
The neck has not been refinished but most of the finish on back is gone from playing. It has a medium/shallow profile with C-wide (exceptionally comfortable, nice player). The body has been sanded down a bit so the contours look thinner than normal. The golden pickguard is a replica.
It has a very strong and poweful sound and perfect playability!
Weight:3,68 kg
It comes with CITES certification

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