Precision Bass [Objekt #3915] [Baujahr 1973]

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Type: Bassgitarre
VR-Category: Basses > 4 string
Hersteller: FENDER     [Wikipedia]
Modell: Precision Bass
with an interesting story!
Baujahr: 1973
Zustand: vg-
Preis: 3580 (in Euro) inkl. MwSt.
Gebrauchtware mit Differenzbesteuerung
gem. § 25a UStG ohne Ausweis der MwSt.
Colour: sunburst
SerialNo: 388xxx
Gewicht: 3,78 [kg]
Made in: USA


This bass was played by the bassplayer Alex Sokolov with the bordband on the cruising ship "Maxim Gorki". The ship suffered in 1989 almost the same disaster as the Titanic in 1912. It hit an iceberg and almost sank. Fortunately, all passengers could be saved and the ship was also salvaged despite the strong tilt. This bass was on board and was also immersed in the cold sea water for some time, but could later be returned to the owner, who had it cleaned and equipped with new pots. For better neck adjustment, he got a small cutout in the pickguard and body. Otherwise everything is still original and fully functional. Comes with a picture of the previous owner and non orig. case.

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