Jazz Bass [Objekt #4432] [Baujahr 1962]

Verkauft Verkauft
Type: Bassgitarre
VR-Category: Basses > 4 string
Hersteller: FENDER     [Wikipedia]
Modell: Jazz Bass
from 2nd owner
Baujahr: 1962
Zustand: gc
Preis: Verkauft leider schon verkauft!
Colour: sunburst
SerialNo: 891xx
Gewicht: 4,02 [kg]
Made in: USA


Fantastic sounding player!
Shows lots of playing wear and patina.
Curved fretboad made of Brazlian rosewood.
All original except one changed pot (orig. in case) and prof. refret.
Comes w. ashtrays, thumbrest, dampers, later 60s Fender case, picture of original owner and CITES.
On the lower right of the body, the paint was obviously treated with solvent and sanded a little (see picture no. 14).
Also the headstock was treated but the decal is still the original one.

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