Les Paul [Objekt #5354] [Baujahr 1953]

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Type: E-Gitarre
VR-Category: --Undefiniert--
Hersteller: 12 Gibson     [Wikipedia]
Modell: Les Paul
Conversion to 57 specs
Baujahr: 1953
Zustand: exc
Preis: 24500 (in Euro) inkl. MwSt.
Gebrauchtware mit Differenzbesteuerung
gem. § 25a UStG ohne Ausweis der MwSt.
Colour: Goldtop
SerialNo: 3 2xxx
Gewicht: 4,08 [kg]
Made in: USA


A perfectly done conversion of an early 1953 Les Paul to 1957 specs. All hardware is high quality aftermarket parts except the brown cavity covers on the backside.
Pickups are original 1957 PAFs in perfect shape that came from an untouched 1957 ES-175 D. The neck PAFs measures 7,16K and has a stainless steel cover, the bridge PU measures 7,7K and has a nickel plated brass cover, both have no stickers as often seen on 57 PAFs. The covers where never taken off! A set of PAFs in this condition is very hard to find and worth around 10.000€.
The gold top was perfectly varnished and aged by Florian Jäger.
The back and sides have an old nitro refinish. The neck is without binding but originally had a binding. The neck was shaped to 41mm saddle width. T
he serial number was printed later on the headstock. A slight crack on the headstock was repaired very professionally and cannot be seen with the naked eye. The neck angle has not been changed, but with the flatter bridge and the stoptail it is perfectly playable. A 70 year old guitar with the feel and sound of a 1957 Les Paul!
Comes with a 70s Gibson Protector case.
Fretboard made of Brazilian rosewood - comes with CITES


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