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The long list ... here you will find our complete inventory of instruments, sorted by electric guitar, bass, amps and others (see maps tab) For a specific search, information about the abbreviations and descriptions of the conditions, for the purchase and shipping, please click on Help

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  Description Year Class Price State
Video vorhanden Esprit Standard from Fenders Master Series black 1984 c. exc ++ 1780 open
Jaguar 62 Special Run Thin-Skin Lacquer daphne blue 2008 mint 1780 NEW!
Video vorhanden Jaguar all original sunburst 1973 exc 2490 open
Jaguar blonde blonde 1994 near mint 990 open
Video vorhanden Musicmaster all original and almost mint! desert 1959 near mint 2350 open
Mustang non orig. case Olympic White 1965 exc 2350 open
Stratocaster 70s style w. hardtail, 4,3 Kg sunburst 1979 vg 1900 open
Stratocaster all orig except 5-way switch, rosewood neck natural 1975 exc - 2750 open
Stratocaster all orig, back of neck sanded sunburst 1966 vg 10950 NEW!
Stratocaster all orig. , exept neck refin sunburst 1969 exc - 9600 open
Stratocaster all orig. w. case, maple fretboard sanded, staggered polepieces natural 1974 vg + 2850 open
Stratocaster all orig., exept case and missing backplate sunburst 1977 near mint 2100 open
Stratocaster all original sunburst 1979 exc +++ 2350 open
Stratocaster all original except jumbo frets, later Fender black tolex case sunburst 1965 exc 15900 transit
Stratocaster all original non tremolo sunburst 1980 exc 1950 NEW!
Stratocaster all original with case olympic white 1972 exc +++ 6350 open
Stratocaster all original with tortoise-guard sunburst Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1965 exc + 14800 open
Stratocaster all original, liteweight 3,85 Kg natural 1980 exc 2200 open
Stratocaster almost all original refinished olympic white 1964 vg 9800 open
Stratocaster Body and neck refinished white refinished 1965 exc 5900 open
Stratocaster body refinish olympic white refinished 1968 vg 6900 open
Stratocaster body refinished olympic white 1963 vg 12800 NEW!
Stratocaster brown tolex case sonic blue refinished 1963 exc 12800 open
Stratocaster Classic Player 60's, Sperzel Tuners Lake Placid Blue 1999 exc 560 open
Stratocaster Custom Shop Diamond Dealer Limited Edition, m. orig. Case + Gigbag sunburst 1994 mint 6800 transit
Stratocaster Custom Shop HSS Lake Placid Blue 2013 exc 2850 transit
Stratocaster Dan Smith black 1983 c. exc 990 NEW!
Stratocaster hardtail olympic white 1975 exc 3450 transit
Video vorhanden Stratocaster hardtail sunburst 1965-66 exc 11900 open
Stratocaster hardtail, all original sahara taupe 1981 exc 2200 open
Stratocaster mostly original sunburst 1973 exc - 3950 open
Stratocaster new frets, hardtail olympic white 1973 vg 4850 open
Stratocaster new pickguard and PU-covers walnut Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1977 exc 1950 open
Stratocaster refinished body surf green 1960 vg 8900 NEW!
Stratocaster strongly yellowed Olympic white 1979 vg 1950 open
Stratocaster Tremolo, white parts, lightweight! sunburst 1976 exc - 2790 open
Stratocaster w. non orig. metal-pickguard sunburst 1980 vg 1890 open
Stratocaster 50s Reissue equipped w. 57/62 US pickups + gold hardware two-tone sunburst 2006 c. near mint 750 reserved
Stratocaster Custom Shop 1954 Reissue Masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka two-tone sunburst 2004 mint 5400 open
Stratocaster Dan Smith 70s Style w. small headstock sienna burst 1982 exc 1590 open
Stratocaster Dan Smith Dan Smith Strat, 2 knobs, m. Case desert tan 1983 exc + 1450 open
Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix lefthand model only made in 1997 olympic white 1997 mint 2450 reserved
Stratocaster Mark Knopfler Signature all original w. case and tags dakota red 2013 c. exc 1590 NEW!
Stratocaster Special orig. case and push-pot natural 2011 near mint 1280 open
Stratocaster Squier new frets, otherwise all original fiesta red 1983 exc + 1390 open
Stratocaster Vintage 60s Reissue USA rosewood slabboard, Fender gigbag sherwood green 2006 c. near mint 1350 open
Telecaster all original except 66 pots and rewound bridge PU blonde 1958 exc 16900 open
Telecaster all original except pots, switch and refret blonde 1966 exc - 7900 open
Telecaster all original with case, new frets, fretboard refin firemist silver 1972 exc 6700 open
Telecaster all original, 3,68 Kg blond 1969 vg 6500 open
Telecaster all original, maple neck blonde 1969 exc 7900 open
Telecaster all original, orig. Black Tolex Case sunburst Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1969 vg + 6700 transit
Telecaster US Standard w. Häussel pickups black 1993 exc 950 open
Video vorhanden Telecaster white guard, all original with tweedcase blond 1955 exc +++ 25800 open
Telecaster with original Bigsby-Tremolo blond Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1968 mint 6800 transit
Telecaster 50s Reissue Roadworn series blonde 2013 c. exc 890 NEW!
Telecaster American Deluxe Series top bound body, S-1 switch black metallic 2004 near mint 990 NEW!
Telecaster Custom sunburst + binding sunburst 1968 vg + 12500 transit
Telecaster Elite aktive electric, body and neck stripped, new bridge, case natural 1983 gc 1250 open
Telecaster US Standard has been relict and equipped w. Bigyby and Häussel PUs winered 2003 vg 850 NEW!
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  Description Year Class Price State
ES 175 D nice player sunburst Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1963 exc 4600 transit
ES 355 TD RARE !!! Custom made with Florentine Cutaways cherry red Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1963 vg + 6200 open
ES-175 D flamemaple plek-treated natural 2011 near mint 3890 open
Video vorhanden ES-330 TD some repair walnut 1971 c. vg 2390 open
Video vorhanden ES-335 TD all original sunburst 1966 exc + 6500 open
ES-345 TD all orig. except replica knobs, Grover tuners and new frets sunburst 1969 vg 3890 open
Video vorhanden L-5 CES all original w. case sunburst 1989 exc 6500 open
L-5 Wes Montgomery all original sunburst 1999 exc 6550 open
L-7C equipped with double McCarty PU sunburst 1952 vg 3950 open
Les Paul Standard winered 1989 exc - 2350 open
Video vorhanden Les Paul Billy Morrisson signature standard model w. L.P.-Custom- features cream white 2011 near mint 2590 open
Les Paul Custom all orginal w. non orig. case natural 1976 vg + 2890 open
Les Paul Custom all original incl. pebble case black 1956 vg + 24500 transit
Les Paul Custom orig case, from 1st owner tobacco sunburst 1979 exc - 2950 open
Les Paul Custom CS like new w. orig. hangtags, certificate and case black 2014 mint 3290 open
Les Paul Deluxe all original with case, new frets sunburst 1972 exc 3290 open
Les Paul Standard 25 year old L.P. cherry sunburst 1991 exc ++ 2390 open
Les Paul Standard equipped with 57 Classic humbuckers black 1992 exc 2480 open
Les Paul Standard fine player! cherry sunburst 1978 exc - 2950 open
Les Paul Standard with original case, some wear on back of neck, pickup covers missing, Schaller tuners winered 1976 exc - 2890 open
Les Paul Standard 57 Bigsby Custom Shop aged, w. orig. case and certificate goldtop 2014 near mint 4490 NEW!
Les Paul Studio Studio Limited Edition, never played, with case from collection sunburst 1995 mint 2250 transit
Les Paul Studio Lite 490T and 500R pickups brown 1993 exc 1250 NEW!
Night Hawk Special with case, lightweight black 1998 exc 1350 open
Q 4000 Custom Shop made black 1985 exc 1080 open
SG 200 non orig. case faded cherry 1971 c. gc 1490 open
SG Special all orginal except new tuners, saddle and refret winered 1963 exc 4900 transit
SG Standard Robby Krieger 50th Anniversary cherry red 2012 exc + 1650 reserved
Video vorhanden The Paul solid mahogany body, ebony fretboard arctic white 1985 exc 1350 open
Ultratone Lapsteel Blue all original with p-90 pickup amd case blue 1952 c. exc - 890 open
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  Description Year Class Price State
Challenger V215 new tuners and bridge red burst 1966 c. exc 890 NEW!
  Description Year Class Price State
Colombus Japanese made, mint condition! silver burst 1969 c. mint 780 open
Copy of Ampeg Dan Armstrong plexi guitar Japan made clear 1970 c. exc - 790 NEW!
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
325 v63 Miami John Lennon Short Scale Jetglo 1994 exc 2950 transit
345 Rose Morris model 1998 3 pickups, tremolo, rare!, all original w. case fireglo 1967 exc + 4950 open
366/12 switchable 6/12 string azur glo 1968 near mint 8900 open
381/12/V69 all original fireglo 1990 near mint 3690 open
381/69 JK John Kay Limited Edition black 1990 near mint 3590 reserved
620-12 FG solid body 12-string fireglo 1996 near mint 1690 NEW!
620/6 all original w. case fireglo 2011 near mint 1590 open
Silver Hawaiien has new tuners, originals in case chrome 1939 c. exc 2390 NEW!
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  Description Year Class Price State
1962 Wilshire USA Reissue limited edition 100s made by Custom Shop natural 2012 c. exc 1850 open
Coronet very rare collectors item black 1959 near mint 10900 open
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
Club 60 or model 128 all original sunburst 1960 c. exc 1590 open
Club 60 or. model 128 similar to John Lennons natural 1959 c. exc 1590 open
Double Neck Model 191 Bass and Guitar sunburst 1961 c. exc 2200 open
Shorty like new with gig bag black 2015 c. exc 120 open
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
Chet Atkins 6120 Model 6120 pumpkin orange 1962 exc + 4600 open
Chet Atkins Hollowbody model 6120, 3 PU'S orange 1957 vg 6500 open
Duo Jet Model 6128 with bigsby tremolo black 1956 exc 8800 NEW!
Video vorhanden G400C Synchromatic one of the last made by Fred Gretsch sunburst Preis wurde reduziertREDUCED 1999 near mint 1590 open
Video vorhanden Tennessean with orig. case mahagoni 1964 exc + 3450 open
Video vorhanden White Falcon double cutaway w. orig. case white 1990 c. near mint 2590 open
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
5/154 Strato one pickup red-black 1962 exc 490 open
Lap Steel all original black 1966 exc 350 open
Lapsteel Waikiki w. case and guarantee-tags black burst 1964 exc 395 open
Video vorhanden Panthera Studio w. Seymore Duncan pickups gold sparkle 2001 near mint 1350 open
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
Baldwin Marvin all original white 1965 exc 2950 transit
Bison all original except frets black 1964 exc 3890 transit
Jazz Guitar all original except frets red burst 1963 exc 1980 transit
The Marvin 1964 limited edition with case and tags white 2012 near mint 1190 open
  Paul Reed Smith
  Description Year Class Price State
Model Custom 24 1957/2008 Limited Edition with 1957 'PAFs' by PRS cranberry 2008 exc ++ 2890 open
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
Video vorhanden HP Signature Tigereye almost like new w. orig. case and tags brown tigerflame 2005 near mint 1690 NEW!
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
FG-512 II all original natural 1980 c. exc + 350 open
  Description Year Class Price State
George Lynch Kamikaze custom made one of a kind green crackle 1991 vg + 1850 reserved
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
Special 24 Large body (18'') archtop black 1957 c. vg 1590 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Model 4 with Kahler tremolo blue 1986 exc ++ 890 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Dinky fire crackle all original, limited ed. no. 83/100 red 1988 c. exc 1250 open
  Externe website Wikipedia
  Description Year Class Price State
Cora metal frame, extreme rare! chrome-black 1965 c. exc 1250 NEW!
  Description Year Class Price State
Thinline hollow body one cutaway cherry 2000 c. exc 390 open
  Description Year Class Price State
LG 2000 non orig case natural 1979 c. exc + 1090 on request
  Description Year Class Price State
Lang German Masterbuilt natural 1958 ca. exc by request NEW!
  Description Year Class Price State
Tele-Style Relicmaster made and reliced by Bassart dacota red 2005 c. exc 980 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Model 1457 double pickup w. amp in case red-black burst 1965 c. exc 1250 NEW!
  Description Year Class Price State
made from Rockinger parts w. Jeff Beck noiseless PUs natural oiled 2007 c. near mint 750 open
  Supro by Valco
  Description Year Class Price State
Double 6-string all original with case and legs white perloid 1962 exc 890 open
Lap Steel all original with crocodile-case red perloid 1955 c. near mint 590 transit
  Description Year Class Price State
Continental Style 1, Tricone, with orig case silver 1999 c. exc 1250 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Organ all original incl case black ca 1976 mint 3850 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Twisty 2 rare model sunburst 1974 c. near mint 790 open
  Kloppmann Electrics
  Description Year Class Price State
Strat-copy The 60 sonic blue over sunburst 2008 exc 2950 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Telecaster B Bender sunburst 90s vg 890 open
  Description Year Class Price State
Eric-Schulte-Archtop Made by masterbuilder Eric. C. Schulte, Johnny Smith Double Copy with Gibson Johnny Smith double PU-assambly sunburst 1976 exc ++ 6950 transit
  Sigi Braun
  Description Year Class Price State
Custom Shop EMG-X humbucker, with case and tags graphics 2016 mint 1290 open

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