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Manufacturer FENDER FENDER
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Wikipedia Eintrag
15'' Cabinet
1965 Deluxe Reverb Reissue
57 Stratocaster Reissue
57 Tweed Twin Reissue Amp
60s Precision Bass
70s Stratocaster
75 Combo
Alkaline Trio Malibu
Bandmaster Amp + 1x15'' Cabinet
Bandmaster Blackface Top + Cabinet
Bandmaster Reverb
Bandmaster Reverb top + cabinet
Bandmaster Top + Box
Bass VI
Bassbreaker 15
Bassman '59 Reissue
Bassman 'Export' 50 Top
Bassman 135 Top
Bassman 50
Bassman 50 Top
Bassman 50 Top + Mojo cabinet
Bassman 70
Bassman Amp
Bassman Box Blackface
Bassman Piggyback
Bassman Ten
Bassman top and cabinet
Bassman Top Blackface
Bassman top blackface w. Bandmaster cabinet
Blues Deluxe
Blues DeVille
Blues Junior
Brown Toelx Bass Case
Bullet Deluxe
Cabinet 2x12 open back
Champ 12
Champ 12 Combo
Champ 600
Champ Combo
Coronado I
Coronado II
Coronado XII
Custom Shop
Custom Vibrolux
D'Aquisto Standard
Daquisto Jazz-Guitar
Deluxe Amp
Deluxe Amp Combo
Deluxe Reverb
Deluxe Reverb '65 Blackface Reissue
Deluxe Reverb Amp
Deluxe Reverb Combo
Deluxe Reverb Silverface
Double Neck
Double Neck Custom
Dual Professional
Dual Professional Combo
Dual Showman Reverb Top + 2x15'' cabinet w. JBL-speakers
Dual Showman Top
Electric 12
Electric XII
Esprit Standard
Esquire Custom
Fender 75 combo
Fender Bassman 135
Fender Blues Deluxe Combo
Fender Concert 4x10 Oxfords
Fender Custom Shop neck
Fender Dual 8 Professional Lapsteel
Fender Princeton Reverb
Fender Stratocaster Aluminum Body
Fender Stratocaster Relic '62 Reissue
Fender Telecaster Thinline
Fuzz-Wah Reissue
Hank Marvin
HM Stratocaster
HMT acoustic/electric
Hot Rod Blues Deluxe
Hot Rod Deluxe III
Hot Rod Deluxe Orange
Jaguar 62 Reissue
Jaguar 62 Reissue thin-skin laquer
Jaguar Baritone Custom
Jazz Bass
Jazz Bass 1960 RI
Jazz Bass 61 Vintage Reissue
Jazz Bass The Ventures signature
Jazz-Bass 1960s Japan Reissue
Jazz-Bass 62 Vintage Reissue
Jazz-Bass V Plus
Jazzmaster AVRI
JBL-Speaker 12 Inch
Lefthand US-Standard
Mandoline FM-63 S
Mexico Jazz-Bass V
Musicmaster Bass
Mustang Bass
Mustang Competition
Precision 58 USA Reissue
Precision Bass
Precision Bass 'Antigua'
Precision Bass 1957 Reissue
Precision Bass 1958
Precision Bass 57 Reissue
Precision Bass 60s Reissue
Precision Bass 62 Reissue
Precision Bass Custom Shop
Precision Bass Fretless
Precision Bass Special
Precision fretless
Precision Mexico Standard
Precision Reissue 51
Precision Special
Precision Steve Harris
Princeton Amp
Princeton Amp Combo
Princeton II
Princeton Reverb
Princeton Reverb 110 Volts
Princeton Reverb II
Pro Junior
Pro Reverb
Pro Reverb Amp Blackface
Pro Reverb Blackface
Pro Reverb Combo
Pro Reverb Silverface
Reverb Unit Reissue
Robben Ford
Rumble Bass Custom Shop
Set-Neck Telecaster Custom Shop
Showman Amp
Showman Amp + Cabinet 1x15 JBL D-130F
Showman Cabinet
Showman Reverb-Amp
Showman Top + Box
Speaker 10 Inch
Squier by Fender Stratocaster
Squier Jazz Bass
Squier Jazz-Bass
Squier JV Stratocaster
Squier JV-Series
Squier JV-Series Precision Bass
Squier Precision
Squier Precision Bass
Squier Stratocaster
Squier Telecaster
Strat Plus
Stratocaster 'Antigua'
Stratocaster 'Borussia'
Stratocaster 'Superstrat'
Stratocaster / Telecaster
Stratocaster 10-56 Custom Shop Wildwood
Stratocaster 1954 Ltd.edition
Stratocaster 1954 Reissue
Stratocaster 1954 RI
Stratocaster 1959 Reissue Relic
Stratocaster 1959 Shadow
Stratocaster 1960 Reissue
Stratocaster 1960 Reissue Custom Shop Mary Kay
Stratocaster 1961 Reissue Relic
Stratocaster 1962 Reissue
Stratocaster 1966 Reissue Closet Classic
Stratocaster 4-bolt non-tremolo
Stratocaster 40th Anniversary
Stratocaster 50s Reissue
Stratocaster 54 Reissue
Stratocaster 56 Reissue Custom Shop
Stratocaster 56 Reissue NOS
Stratocaster 56 Reissue Relic
Stratocaster 57 Reissue
Stratocaster 57 US Reissue
Stratocaster 57 Vintage Reissue
Stratocaster 60s Reissue
Stratocaster 60s Reissue NOS
Stratocaster 60s Vintage Reissue
Stratocaster 62 Reissue
Stratocaster 66 Reissue NOS
Stratocaster 70s Reissue
Stratocaster Aluminum Body Chrome Custom
Stratocaster AM Standard
Stratocaster American Standard
Stratocaster Artist Series Yngwie Malmsteen
Stratocaster Collectors LTD Edition 1997
Stratocaster Custom
Stratocaster Custom Shop
Stratocaster Dan Smith
Stratocaster Elite
Stratocaster Eric Clapton
Stratocaster Eric Clapton 'Blackie' Custom Shop
Stratocaster Eric Clapton Custom
Stratocaster FSR 1959 RI
Stratocaster Hank Marvin
Stratocaster Hank Marvin Signature
Stratocaster Hardtail
Stratocaster HSH limited edition
Stratocaster HSS
Stratocaster Jeff Beck
Stratocaster Jeff Beck Signature
Stratocaster Jimi Hendrix lefthand model
Stratocaster Lefthand
Stratocaster lefthand 50 years anniversary
Stratocaster limited edition Vooddoo Hendrix
Stratocaster Mark Knopfler Signature
Stratocaster Masterbuilt Jason Smith '63
Stratocaster MIJ
Stratocaster non-tremolo
Stratocaster Pickup-Set
Stratocaster Pink Paisley
Stratocaster Plus
Stratocaster Plus 40th Anniversary
Stratocaster Powerhouse
Stratocaster Rhinestone Bronze
Stratocaster Richie Sambora
Stratocaster Richie Sambora MK-2
Stratocaster Roadworn
Stratocaster Robert Cray Custom Shop
Stratocaster Rory Gallagher
Stratocaster Sepcial Edition 1993
Stratocaster Special
Stratocaster Squier
Stratocaster Squier JV
Stratocaster Steve Ray Vaughan
Stratocaster Ultra Plus
Stratocaster Ultra Plus 40th Anniversary
Stratocaster US Standard
Stratocaster US Standard Deluxe
Stratocaster USA Standard
Stratocaster Vintage
Stratocaster Vintage 1962 Reissue
Stratocaster Vintage 60s Reissue USA
Stratocaster Vintage Deluxe
Stu Hamm Urge
Super 210
Super 60 Combo
Super Amp
Super Bassman
Super Champ
Super Champ XD
Super Reverb
Super Reverb Amp
Super Reverb Blackface
Super Sonic 22
Supersonic 22
Telecaster 1952 Reissue
Telecaster 50s Reissue
Telecaster 52 Reissue
Telecaster 52s Reissue
Telecaster 72 Thinline
Telecaster American Deluxe Series
Telecaster B-Bender
Telecaster Bass
Telecaster Custom
Telecaster Custom 63 Reissue Relic
Telecaster Custom II
Telecaster Deluxe
Telecaster Elite
Telecaster James Burton
Telecaster Lefthand
Telecaster Richie Kotzen
Telecaster Rosewood
Telecaster Special
Telecaster Thinline
Telecaster Thinline 69s Reissue
Telecaster Thinline II
Telecaster US Standard
Telecaster US-Standard
Telecaster w. B-Bender
Texas Lonestar Stratocaster
The Strat
The Strat CAR
The Strat neck only
The Twin
The Twin - Red Knobs
Tonemaster Cabinet 2x12''
Tremolux Amp
Tube Reverb
Twin 50s Reissue
Twin Amp
Twin Reverb
Twin Reverb Amp
Twin Reverb Amp Blackface
US Standard Stratocaster
Vibro Champ
Vibrolux Amp
Vibrolux Reverb
Vibrolux Tweed Amp
Vibrosonic Reverb
Vibroverb Amp
Warmouth neck on 2006 Fender body
Wolfgang EVH
Yngwie Malmsteen Double Neck
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Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) is the world's leading guitar manufacturer, and its name has become synonymous with all things rock 'n' roll.

Manufacturer Gibson Gibson
Wikipedia Eintrag
Advance Jumbo Acoustic guitar
Advanced Jumbo
Advanced Jumbo Acoustic
B.B. King Lucille Anniversary
Barney Kessel
Barney Kessel Custom
Barney Kessel Regular
Brown case mid 50s with 5 latches
Chet Atkins CE
Chet Atkins Country Gentleman
Crest Gold
Custom Shop Limited Run R8
EB-0 Bass
EB-2 Bass
EB-3 Bass
ES 125
ES 175 D
ES 345 TD
ES 355 TD
ES Les Paul Custom
ES-125 CD
ES-135 T Special Edition
ES-165 Herb Ellis
ES-175 D
ES-175 D flamemaple
ES-175 DN
ES-175 Flametop
ES-175 T
ES-330 T
ES-330 TD
ES-330 TD natural
ES-330 TDC
ES-335 60s Reissue
ES-335 Dot
ES-335 Pro
ES-335 TD
ES-335 TD with factory stoptail and Vibrola
ES-335 TDC
ES-339 TD
ES-345 TD
ES-345 TD Stereo Variotone
ES-345 TDC
ES-347 TD
ES-350 T
ES-355 'Lucille'
ES-355 B.B.King Lucille
ES-355 Lucille
ES-355 TD
ES-355TD Lucille
ES-5 Switchmaster
Explorer '76 RI
Explorer Sammy Hagar Signature
Explorer Signature Sammy Hagar
Explorer Traditional Pro
Explorer Traditional Pro 90
Firebird 76
Firebird 76 Bicentenial
Firebird Cutom Acoustic
Firebird III
Firebird V
Firebird V 5
Firebird V 71 Reissue Medaillon
Firebird VII
Flying V
Flying V Korina
Flying V-2
Flying V2
GA-17RVT Scout Combo
GA-75 Amp + Johnny Smith E-Git
Gibson ES-335 brown case
Gibson Firebird I
Gibson Firebird I / 76
Gibson SG Custom
Grabber Bass
Grand Concert Style 0
Heritage Custom
Howard Roberts Artist
Hummingbird Custom
J-160 E
J-45 Deluxe
J-45 The Brad Paisley
J-45 Vine
J-50 ADS
Johnny Smith
Johnny Smith (1976) and GA-75 Amp (1965) 15'' JB-Lansing speaker
Johnny Smith pickguard pickup assemblie
Kalamazoo KG-31
L 7
L 7 Custom Shop
L-12 Premium
L-5 C
L-5 Custom
L-5 S
L-5 Wes Montgomery
L-6 S
L-6S Midnight Special
L-7 C
L5 Wes Montgomery Historic Collection
Le Grand CS Historic Custom
Les Paul Deluxe
Les Paul
Les Paul 1957 Reissue Historic Collection
Les Paul 1959 Reissue
Les Paul 1960 Classic
Les Paul 1960 Reissue
Les Paul 55 Reissue
Les Paul 57 Reissue w. Bigsby
Les Paul 59 Collectors Choice No 13
Les Paul 59 Reissue
Les Paul 80 Heritage
Les Paul Amp GA-40
Les Paul Artisan 3
Les Paul Billy Morrisson
Les Paul case
Les Paul Classic
Les Paul Classic 80th Anniversary
Les Paul Classic 80th Birthday
Les Paul Classic GoldTop Limited Edition 80th Birthday
Les Paul Classic Plus
Les Paul Classic Plus 1960Model
Les Paul Classic PremiumPlus
Les Paul Custom
Les Paul Custom 1957 Reissue Historic Collection
Les Paul Custom 20th Anniversary
Les Paul Custom 54
Les Paul Custom CS
Les Paul Custom LE 1954 Reissue
Les Paul Custom Lite
Les Paul Deluxe
Les Paul Deluxe All Gold Hall Of Fame
Les Paul Flametop
Les Paul GA-40
Les Paul Goldtop
Les Paul Heritage
Les Paul Heritage 80
Les Paul Historic Collection 1959
Les Paul Junior
Les Paul Junior TV Special
Les Paul Junior TV-Special
Les Paul LPR7 1957 Reissue Custom Shop
Les Paul Model LPR7AAGNH
Les Paul R8 1958 Reissue Custom Shop
Les Paul R8 1958 Reissue Historic Collection
Les Paul R8 1958 Reissuem Historic Collection
Les Paul Recording
Les Paul Signature
Les Paul Special
Les Paul Standard
Les Paul Standard 1957 Historic Reissue
Les Paul Standard 57 Bigsby
Les Paul Standard 60s
Les Paul Standard Custom Shop
Les Paul Standard DC Double Cut
Les Paul Standard Goldtop
Les Paul Standard Plus
Les Paul Standard R8
Les Paul Standard R9 '59 Reissue aged
Les Paul Studio
Les Paul Studio Gem Edition Emerald
Les Paul Studio Lite
Les Paul Traditional
Les Paul TV Special
Les Paul TV Special 1960 Reissue
Les Paul TV-Junior
M 2 RVT Maestro Combo
Mandolin A-Style
Melody Maker
Midtown Standard
Night Hawk Special
Nighthawk Standard ST3
Q 4000
RD Artist
RD-Artist Bass
Ripper Fretless
SG 200
SG 50th Anniversary Pete Townshend
SG 61 Reissue
SG 62 Reissue Pre Historic
SG Custom
SG Deluxe
SG Elite
SG Junior
SG Les Paul
SG Les Paul Junior
SG Pro
SG Special
SG Special faded
SG Standard
Southern Jumbo
Starburst Studio
Super 400
Super 400 C
Super 400 CES
Super 400 CN
Super Goldtone GA 30 RV
Super V CES
Tal Farlow
The Grabber
The Paul
The Paul Goldtop
Thunderbird II
Thunderbird IV
Trini Lopez Standard
Ultratone Lapsteel
Ultratone Lapsteel Blue
486 Artikel
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Manufacturer Marshall Marshall
Wikipedia Eintrag
1959 Super Lead 100 Top + Big Box Model 1959
1960A TV 100 watts
1974x handwired
2210 JCM-800 top und cabinet
30th Anniversary 1962/92
8 x 10inch cabinet
Artist 2x12 inch
Artiste 100W Top
Bluesbreaker Limited Edition1997
Cabinet 1960 angled
Cabinet 1960A
Cabinet 1960A 4x12'' Basketweave
Cabinet 2033
Class 5
Clone of Marshall 1974X
Combo JCM-800
DSL-50 JCM-2000 Halfstack
Halfstack Model 1959 + Cabinet 1935 Super Lead 100
JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee
JCM 800
JCM 800 halfstack
JCM 800 Model 2204
JCM 800 Model 2204 50 Watts
JCM 800 Modell 2203 100 Watts Halfstack
JCM 900 + Cabinet
JCM-2000 Limited Edition Top
JCM-2000 TSL-601
JCM-25/50 Combo
JCM-50/100 Modell 2555
JCM-800 2204
JCM-800 2204 Top
JCM-800 Cabinet
JCM-800 Combo
JCM-800 Full-Stack
JCM-800 Halfstack Model 2203
JCM-800 Mini full-stack
JCM-800 Model 1992, Super Bass Series MK-II
JCM-800 Model 2204
JCM-800 Model 2205
JCM-900 Lead 1936
JMP 100 Top
JMP 1959 Top
JMP 50 watts top + 4x12 Cabinet
JTM-45 Reissue
JTM-45 Top 1966 Plexi Reissue
Jubilee 25/50 Model 2558 Combo
JVM 410H
Marshall 'Popular' Model 1930
Marshall 1959 Super Lead 100 top red from 1972 Model: Marshall Super Lead 100
Marshall 30th Anniversary Combo
Marshall 30th Anniversary LTD Edition Half Stack
Marshall JMP 50 Watts Top + 4x12'' Checkerboard Cabinet
Marshall Top
Model 1935 Bass Cabinet
Model 1959
Model 1959 JMP Super Lead 100
Model 1959 Super Lead
Model 1959 Super Lead 100
Model 1959, 100 watts JMP top
Model 1960A 4x12 inch
Model 1960A cabinet
Model 1960AX
Model 1960B
Model 1967 Major
Model 1968 Super PA 100
Model 1968 Super PA top
Model 1969
Model 1969 4x12 PA Columns
Model 1973
Model 1973 Mini-Bluesbreaker
Model 1973, Mini-Bluesbreaker
Model 1982 bass cabinet
Model 1982 cabinet
model 1986
Model 1987
Model 1992
Model 1992 Super Bass
Model 1992 Super Bass 100
Model 1992 Super Bass Plexi
Model 2048, Artiste
Model 2203 JMP Super Lead MK II
Model 2203 Super Lead
Model 2205 JCM-800
Model 2210 JCM-800
Model 2266C Vintage Modern Combo
Model 4210 JCM-800
Model 6100 LM
Model 6101 30th Anniversary
Modell 1987 50 watts JMP top
Modell 1992 Super Bass
Modell 1992 Super Bass Top
Pinstripe cabinets 1960 + 1960A
Super Bass 100
Super Lead 100 1959 LTD + Cabinet 1982 LTD
Super Lead 100 Model 1959 LTD
Tremolo 50 JMP
129 Artikel
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Manufacturer Crate Crate
Palomino V32
2 Artikel
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LOUD Technologies Inc. 16220 Wood-Red Road NE Woodinville, WA 98072 U.S.A.

Manufacturer Goya Goya
1 Artikel
im Katalog

Manufacturer ProCo ProCo
1 Artikel
im Katalog

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