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Introduction / About the Shop List

Visting our shop only by appointment!

Dear customers,
Due to the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions, visiting our shop is only possible by appointment.
For customers who want to play instruments on site, we offer the opportunity to test them in 'Vintage Heaven' above the shop.
Repairs will be accepted or issued after telephone registration.
Thank you very much for your understanding!

Information - how to start

A long list ... here you will find our complete inventory of instruments, sorted by electric guitar, bass, amps and others (see maps tab) For a specific search, information about the abbreviations and descriptions of the conditions, for the purchase and shipping, please click on Help

Due to international agreements governing the transportation of certain species of wood products across borders, all instruments with parts of any kind of Rosewood are not suitable for shipping to countries outside of the European Union!  

All prices on this page are in Euro. Since we do not sell new products, it is the rule: The prices are without VAT, as differential taxation according to § 25a used equipment / special regulation.

Colour Icons

The necessary information about the used colour icons, used for the item state:

Zum Verkauf Zum Verkauf = open
Verkauft Verkauft = sold
Im Transit / auf dem Weg zum Shop Transit / auf dem Weg zum Shop
Reserviert Reserviert = reserved
Auf Anfrage Auf Anfrage = on request

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