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  Manufacturer: Selmer
  Amplifier, Combo, Speaker Amplifier, Combo, Speaker
  Description Year Class Price State
Reserved Item 1 x 18 inch with Goodman speaker 1965 c. vg + 480 reserved
Sorry - already sold Corvette 1 x 8 speaker 1965 exc - Already Sold sold
Open - To Sell Selmer Goliath Truvoice Treble-n-Bass Fifty 1962 c. Master Picture vg 3590 open
Open - To Sell Thunderbird Twin Fifty Truvoice 2 x 12 inch speaker 1965 Master Picture vg + 3890 open
Sorry - already sold Treble and Bass Mark II 1 bass- and 1 guitar-input, w. cover Price reducedREDUCED 1968 vg Already Sold sold
Sorry - already sold Treble n Bass 50 Mk II with 1 x 18 cabinet 1965 c. exc Already Sold sold
Reserved Item Truevoice Stadium as played by Paul McCartney 1960 c. Master Picture exc 1690 reserved
Sorry - already sold Zodiac Tremolo Fifty Mark 2, 2x12'' orig. Goodman speaker, Röhrencombo 1966 vg Already Sold sold
Open - To Sell Zodiac Twin Fifty Crocodile covering 1963 Master Picture exc 3490 open
Sorry - already sold Zodiak Tremolo fifty Mk II top all tube 50 watts 1968 c. vg Already Sold sold
  Acoustic Instruments Acoustic Instruments
  Description Year Class Price State
Sorry - already sold Gypsy Style O-hole 1948 c. gc Already Sold sold

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