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Committee [Item #197] [Build 1970]

Sorry - already sold Sorry - already sold
Type: E-Guitar
VR-Category: --Undefiniert--
Manufacturer: Höfner     [Wikipedia]
Model: Committee
w. very fancy inlays
Year: 1970
Condition: mint-
Price: Verkauft Sorry - already SOLD!
Colour: sunburst
SerialNo: XXX
Made in: Germany


the top-of-the line model from Hofner, fullbody model with lots of inlays

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img/vintage/197/Hofner-Committee-1970-a.jpg img/vintage/197/Hofner-Committee-1970-b.jpg img/vintage/197/Hofner-Committee-1970-c.jpg img/vintage/197/Hofner-Committee-1970-d.jpg


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