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366/12 [Item #2036] [Build 1968]

Sorry - already sold Sorry - already sold
Type: E-Guitar
VR-Category: Guitars > Semi-hollow body
Manufacturer: Rickenbacker     [Wikipedia]
Model: 366/12
switchable 6/12 string
Year: 1968
Condition: near mint
Price: Verkauft Sorry - already SOLD!
Colour: azur glo
SerialNo: HJ 1484
Made in: USA


extreme rare colour, great condition, comes with original case, colectors item!

Video available: Video available 4MRvcfjrd1M

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img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-001.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-002.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-003.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-004.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-005.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-006.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-007.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-008.JPG img/vintage/2036/Rickenbacker-366-12-1968-azurglo-009.JPG


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Zum Verkauf Rickenbacker
Model 330

NEU in der Liste NEW!
Farbe: maple glo
Zustand: exc -
Baujahr: 1966
Preis: 4580

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