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Violin Bass 500/1 [Item #2489] [Build 1965]

Sorry - already sold Sorry - already sold
Type: Bass Guitar
VR-Category: Basses > 4 string
Manufacturer: Höfner     [Wikipedia]
Model: Violin Bass 500/1
all original except 1 tuner, new case
Year: 1965
Condition: exc
Price: Verkauft Sorry - already SOLD!
Colour: sunburst
SerialNo: XXX
Made in: Germany
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img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-001.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-002.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-003.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-004.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-005.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-006.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-007.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-008.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-009.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-010.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-011.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-012.JPG img/vintage/2489/Hofner-500-1-Beatles-Violin-Bass-1965-013.JPG


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Violin Bass 500/1

Farbe: sunburst
Zustand: vg
Baujahr: 1964
Preis: 1650

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